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Award-winning Occhi Arts & Entertainment provides a tailored service to a wide variety of clients across industries and sectors. We work with musicians, visual artists, creative professionals, publicists, and agencies, building strategic public relations and marketing campaigns for our clients, working across all media platforms including TV, Radio, print, online, and via social media. In addition to being creative artists, our team has a wealth of experience managing business-to-business initiatives, marketing public events, supporting campaigns, and professional training initiatives for and on behalf of US and UK Government departments, multinational companies, charities, agencies, and institutes.



Technically, PR is the discipline that looks after reputation, understanding, support and influencing opinion and behavior. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an artist or organization and its publics. For many, the arts and PR aren’t an obvious marriage but there are very few artists or businesses in the creative industries who won’t benefit from the support of PR professionals.


The public is always curious to discover the latest news and, with phones, laptops, televisions, and apps, people access the media conveniently and immediately. Creating a PR strategy is a fantastic tool you can use to enhance buzz around your work, a particular project, or business.  It’s also a key component in establishing and sustaining a relationship with your customers, clients, or audiences.

Here are some ways Occhi Arts & Entertainment can help:

Social Media

Occhi’s approach is focused on engaging our audiences through the delivery of engaging content. Our team is highly experienced at providing all levels of social media and online support. We can work with you on a multi-channel strategic approach to fit your budget and resource requirements.


Content Management


The Occhi team has the experience to deliver integrated campaigns across traditional, digital, and social media channels. We live in a digital world where audiences consistently engage via multiple media channels and platforms. Therefore, we ensure that content is adapted and shared across multiple media channels and platforms, wherever possible.


Event Management and Collaborations



Our team has over 20 years of experience working with public and private sector businesses, facilitating events, exhibitions and community and stakeholder workshops. Working in collaboration with a network of third-party suppliers we are able to provide support with community engagement events or workshops to bespoke symposia and concerts.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on bespoke, short-term, or ongoing. Delivering great results and added value is a priority so understanding what you want is key. Please contact us to discuss your requirements!

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The director was a former manager atFriends of the Earth.
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Occhi Arts & Entertainment is Global Awards winner
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